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Halton MUN VII

Welcome to Halton MUN!

Iroquois Ridge High School is proud to announce our eighth annual Model United Nations Conference: Halton MUN VIII. In a time where international solidarity is most welcomed, this conference will promote global awareness. Students will gain a better understanding about the United Nations, skills of debate, conflict resolution and negotiation in an in-depth and exciting learning experience for students throughout the Halton region. The conference will include an exciting guest speaker and a concluding award ceremony for distinguished delegates. The conference will include four different committees, where students will come together and act as delegates for respective nations. The goal is to resolve pressing issues of today in hope of creating a positive future. This can be accomplished to further understand the struggles of suffering nations and how the international society can help solve these issues.

First time attending our conference? Find out what Model UN VIII is all about, get to know our secretariat and read our mission statement.

Want to know more about the conference? Check out the conference schedule and learn more about  key dates and our keynote speaker.

If you or a friend are interested in participating in our conference, start the registration process today to be a part of our 2023 conference.

Halton MUN shines a light upon pressing global matters that ought to be discussed. Discover the list of topics and background guides for this year's conference.

United Nations
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